Greetings Chorus Family,

I hope that everyone is having an enjoyable summer and looking forward to the upcoming holidays!

Chorus is a family. I have family across the United States. People that have sang with people and people that I’ve only met once, but I consider them family. One of my friends from Kentucky, a recent college graduate, was hired at his first teaching job!!!!! The school has a 65% free and reduced lunch population, he has only about 25 students in his chorus program, and is only able to charge $15 for chorus, leaving him with a very small budget to work with and pay for things like music, classroom supplies, and most importantly, uniforms.

The school currently has no chorus uniform which is essential to creating uniformity at performance times and an overall sense of pride in the organization. Get to the point already… I know is what you’re thinking. I am not asking that you send in money or any financial contribution, but I do ask that you donate something else to a worthy cause.

If you have an old Brava or Voices dress, that you know you will never wear again and are willing to donate it to a high school chorus program, please send me an email with the size and drop the dress off at Park Vista anytime next week. I will take care of the rest!

Please accept my most sincere gratitude for your help!!

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

Bryan Ijames